Let’s have a look at how the DFR Lineup builder works and you will be entering teams in a flash. We have prepared a tutorial video to give you a crash course on how to get started. 



On the main interface there are two parts to the builder. First of all you have the criteria for game selection and secondly the available players table with salaries and statistics. 

To start with you need to select an available slate or contest to build lineups from the drop box.


As you can see here, we have selected the 1st Test Australia vs New Zealand for a Draftstars contest. By default the players are sorted by salary. But you can sort players by Names, Batters or Bowlers, Teams, Opponents, Projection, Value, Floor, Ceiling, Average and Form.

Data is directly uploaded by Draftstars when the slate is made live on the site, the lineup builder will continue to update the players as new information is available for the slate. As soon as the toss has been decided and final XI players names,  the batting positions for each player will be updated and non-playing players will automatically be excluded.

Players who were selected in the squad but subsequently not playing will have a red symbol placed next to their name and will have the checkbox marked in the Exclude column (Exc).

You can manually, exclude or lock players into lineups by clicking the checkbox against each player. Once you exclude and lock players you can now refine your lineups by the following criteria


# of Lineups

You can select the total amount of possible lineups to build ranging from 1 to 100. Note the builder will generate up to a certain amount if the criteria allows. So you may want 10 lineups but only 5 was possible from the criteria. You can tweak the criteria to build different lineups. 

Stack a Team

You can select if you wish to be heavy on a particular side.

Stack # Players

You can select the amount of players you want to stack on a particular side. For Cricket this is either 4, 5 or 6 players. Remember, contest rules state you are required to have at least 1 player from each team (no 7 player stacks).

Generate By

This is the most important option you will need to select. You have the option to generate by the following:

  • Average – Will build on the player’s past fantasy scores
  • Ceiling – Will build on the player’s projected ceiling (the highest score projected)
  • Floor – Will build on the player’s projected floor (the lowest score score projected)
  • Form – Will build on the player’s most recent fantasy scores
  • Projection – Will build on the player’s projection derived from our famous free BBL projections
  • Value – Using player’s projections, will build efficient lineups based on players salary. 


Once you have selected your parameters, hit the ‘Build Lineups’ button and the lineup builder will generate the number of lineups required.

Built Lineups

You can sort your lineups by either Projection, Ceiling, Floor, Value or by the remaining salary. 

The SAVE button under each generated lineup needs to be clicked if you wish to add it to the CSV list of lineups to upload to the Draftstars site. 

Once saved, your lineups will appear above the projections.

Saved Lineups

You can remove a lineup by clicking the trash can on the right.

How to Import your Teams into Draftstars

  1. Login to your Draftstars account.
  2. Select “My Teams” in the left side menu.
  3. Select the green “Upload” button and upload the saved CSV.

Once you are happy with your lineups you can create a Lineup CSV which you can import into Draftstars

Draftstars CSV

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